Jessie has been our dog trainer and regular dog walker since we adopted our dog a year ago. She is incredibly reliable, truly cares deeply about the dogs she works with and is a great communicator.  She is friendly and very professional. She also is very close to the dogs she works with and gives them very specific care based on their moods, needs and challenges. For a few months we had two dogs and Jessie was very adaptive and helped us manage that—giving them both the care and attention they needed.  When our smaller dog had a medical emergency she was a great support as we managed that and trained him back to normal.  I’m happy to be a reference for Jessie!  

- Jen & Quincy Bones

Rebecca is awesome. We’d worked with two trainers before her and found her style and approach the most helpful for us…and the most successful with Cyrus. He’s a five year old rescue with lots of energy and enthusiasm for people but anxiety around other dogs. Rebecca helped us understand his “issues” and also gave us a really useful and doable work plan. Her work with him (and with us) has really helped us manage his energy better in the house and improved our walks—we used hate walks for fear of meeting another dog now we are more confident and know how to handle the unavoidable run ins with dogs when out.

- Sacha & Cyrus

Audrey was extremely helpful with training our Havanese puppy Zoey. She helped our entire family feel confident in the process and made it fun along the way. She has a loving and calm demeanor and Zoey absolutely loved and respected her almost immediately. She also really listens to your concerns and addresses them specifically. She is truly a dog whisperer. Look no further if you are in need of a trainer! 

- Cordelia & Zoey

Thank you for your wisdom and teaching ability to help me learn about my puppy, Frank. Your guidance, along with humor, made it fun to learn. Your patience and energy transformed my reluctance to train Frank correctly. You are a perfect teacher for beginners like me.

- Marjie & Frank

Audrey is fabulous. We put our pitbull pup, Yoshi, through the Puppy Program, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. Audrey is so positive and loving that our sessions were absolutely Yoshi’s favorite part of the week. It’s so nice that she comes to your own home and your pup gets complete one-on-one attention and training. If you want the happiest AND most well-behaved dog, Audrey’s your lady.

- Tesia & Yoshi

Jessie is an amazing steady presence & dog expert.  My dog started off as a nervous, untrusting little guy and Jessie won him over with patience and understanding.  I like to say she speaks fluent dog as she really gets my dog’s perspective and has helped his confidence and made him much more able to trust.  I’m so grateful for Jessie!   

- Nicole & Blue

My pup and I have been attending classes with Constellation Dog Academy and I am so, so grateful. Before attending classes, I had worked on some basic commands with my dog, like sit, and experienced success (and failure) to varying degrees. I knew what I wanted from my dog, but could not quite achieve those goals and, oftentimes, I felt frustrated. The trainers with Constellation Dog Academy have taught me how to leverage my dogs strengths and his desire to learn, which has lead to a joyful training experience for both me and my dog. Constellation takes the time to show pet owners the power of tapping into animal behaviors and, perhaps most important, how to have fun while learning. Training with Constellation has been a wonderful journey and has taught me to love working with my rambunctious and super bright 6-month old hound/lab mix. It feels great to see my dog happily engage in training and to assist my little dude in working with his abundant energy. I highly recommend training your dog with Constellation Dog Academy.

- Ariel & Yuca

Audrey is truly the dog whisperer! Our training sessions with my dog, Kobe, have really made such a difference with his separation anxiety and overall behavior. Audrey shows us meaningful strategies that are making all the difference. Kobe gets so excited when she sees her!

  - Alyssa & Kobe

Jessie was amazing! She is very informative, and was extremely good with our dog Seamus and us as well. We learned how to properly train Seamus, and he is catching on quickly in some areas. We have to be on the ball with his training and do so with him everyday. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Thank you Jessie for helping us to help Seamus.

  - Nicole & Seamus

Knowing that I’m on a tight budget, Becky actually returned the money I’d paid her for my last 3 sessions and encouraged me to spend the money to go to a behaviorist. It’s pretty amazing these days when someone is that altruistic. The two sessions I had with her were really helpful. I’d definitely be doing both the behaviorist and Becky if I were a bit more comfortable. I really trust her judgment of my damaged, but hopefully not irreparable dog. It was a great experience. I’ve been around the block with training, and this was, by far, the best.

  - Liz & Lincoln

Audrey is THE BEST! Thank you so much for all of your help. I don’t know what I would do without your guidance and kindness helping me navigate this new world of life with a puppy.

  - Jessica & Georgie

We are very happy with our training. We love Becky, she is great. She is so good with the dogs & so great at explaining methods!

  - Barbara, Bear & Rocky 

After each visit, I feel more confident in my Ability to train my pup. Frankie and I now have a schedule and expectations of each other - and she gets easier and easier.

  - Sophie & Frankie

Audrey really helped us understand how dog behavior works and gave us and our dog the foundational building blocks of good behavior, setting us up for a much easier lifetime with our pup.

  - Eshan & Kizzy

I adopted my first rescue dog four years ago.  However, I have had dogs my entire life. I found Rebecca‘s name in an advertisement in a pet store. Upon speaking with her I liked her soft-spoken manner.  But more importantly than that, she understood the nature of my dog and the nature of my personality.  She taught me so much about how to actually train a dog with a gentle positive loving approach that is not based on treats.  She reinforced the importance of the relationship and bond without judgement. She also told me that by repeating commands a dog doesn’t listen to reinforces that non-listening behavior. Although I knew the importance of the basic commands she reminded me of “all four on the floor”  to reward good behavior whether it’s to go outside or eat etc. We also laughed and had a good time as she genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed her work. Four years later I still text her and send pictures and videos of my dog to thank her for all that she taught me.

  - Jayne & Dallas

Because of her dog-training skills, Rebecca gave us the gift of our perfectly socialized and well-behaved dog, Mimi, whom we adopted after she was returned twice to a shelter. Rebecca patiently taught Mimi to understand and communicate in thIs confusing world of people. She taught Mimi to think and learn. To us, it was a miracle. She also patiently and kindly instructed us, Mimi’s parents, how to teach Mimi new behaviors. Mimi continues to enjoy learning new skills which she will joyfully perform any time for anyone. Mimi loves Rebecca and loved every minute of her classes. Thank you, Rebecca.

  - Ruth, Chuck, & Mimi 

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