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Group Classes at PupsPort

Group classes are a great opportunity to learn and work your dog around new people and dogs under the care of an experienced certified trainer. 

Saturdays at PupsPort Day Care and Grooming in South Philly

9:30am *FREE* Trainer-led Puppy Socials

10:00am Puppy Stargazer 

11:00am Dog Astronomer 

Group class registration includes:

  • On-demand orientation videos with tips to get the best out of your training and prepare you for your first class.

  • 30 minute individual zoom consult with your trainer (so you can ask those burning training questions!). 

  • Five in-person classes with one of our certified trainers.

  • Written summary and handouts e-mailed to you after each class.

In order to maintain the safety of our students and staff during Covid-19, we require all participants to be masked during all in-person services. 


Reach out at anytime if you have any questions or would like some guidance on which class might be the best fit for you and your dog. 


In-Home Lessons

Private lessons at your home allow our experienced trainers to observe your dog, problem solve, and build better behaviors where it matters most. Private lessons are also a great option for families with tight schedules, dogs that may be fearful in a group setting, or to tackle in-home behavioral concerns. 


In order to maintain the safety of our clients and staff during Covid-19, private lessons will be held outside with all participants masked and socially distanced.  


Day Training

Busy working from home, or overwhelmed by the training process? Let us train your dog for you. An experienced, certified trainer takes your dog out twice a week to establish new behaviors, and then we show you how to test drive and maintain those behaviors with an owner-trainer session at the end of the week. All work is tailored specifically to meet your training goals and fit your busy schedule. 


Day training is perfect for:

  • Establishing house manners for a new puppy/new dog

  • Socialization and confidence building

  • Restraint and handling

  • Preventing unwanted behaviors

  • Kickstarting or supporting a behavioral program


Day training pick up and drop off protocols have been modified to ensure that this is a contactless process and safe for both your dog and your family. 


Online Training

Here at Constellation Dog Academy we are committed to helping you reach your training goals, no matter what the world throws at us. That is why we are offering our comprehensive training programming virtually. While meeting in person is some people's first choice, online lessons create unique training opportunities and advantages: 

  • Zero Commute: Because neither you nor your trainer need to commute, sessions can be shorter and more frequent. This approach is much more conducive to learning, as dogs learn best when training sessions are frequent but short and sweet-  most handlers absorb information better this way too!

  • Video review: working online means your trainer can review videos that either you take in-between sessions, or during your session. This is a fantastic way to get play-by-play coaching on your handling skills and take your training to the next level.

  • Training in the real world: Want to bring your trainer on a walk with you or watch while you introduce your dog to your parents? Anywhere you can bring your smartphone can become a training studio. 

  • Stress-free training for reactive and fearful dogs: Some dogs may shut down or become overstimulated when there is a new person in the room - this is what most trainers refer to as “being over threshold” and can either hinder or completely inhibit learning. Online sessions allow these dogs to stay relaxed enough to maintain a learning state so you can get more work done. 

Online Training
Day Training
In Home Lessons
Group Classes
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